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RGA UK LTD: Marketing & Data Specialists to Meetings Industry

GDPR complaint Meeting & Event Planners Data by RGA

RGA DATA: UK's No. 1 producer of proprietary data identifying leading meeting, incentive,conference, event (MiCE) buyers from top UK corporations, associations and event agencies.

RGA PRODUCE: a unique range of "off-the-shelf" databases providing contact name/s, company details, telephone & email data of the UK's top meeting, event, conference & hospitality buyers.

RGA PROVIDE: effective, reliable, GDPR complaint data, for campaigns using personalised and targeted MiCE buyers: get talking to your key buyers!

Connect, Analyse, Action

Putting You In Touch With Top UK MiCE Buyers

MiCE buyers email campaigns by RGA

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Targeting UK M&E buyers: corporate, associaton & agency more info

Target Regional Companies

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Driven by Creativity & Measured by Results

Tailored Campaigns that Target Your Local Companies

OFFER: UK MiCE Buyers "local" Data include one RGA customised email despatch

Regionally sorted event buyers data, TOGETHER WITH, RGA customised email despatch offer an effective strategy to expand your local client network.

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Client Identification, Data Research, Sales Growth

We analyse your client profile and identify new clients of a similar profile, so you can create effective sales pathways and practical marketing solutions that grow sales. You'll understand more about your clients to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve revenue in 2024

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2024 Vision: Understand Your Clients

Innovation, technology and sustainability will shape the meeting and events industry in 2023/24.

It’s becoming more important that MiCE venues sets out their commitment to environmental sustainability and the steps taken to minimise the environmental impact. 2023, marketing campaigns targeting corporations should emphasise that policy.

The pattern of growth experienced by the meetings industry brings with it the theorisation that location & transportation links are becoming increasingly important to buyers when differentiating between venues.

So, prepare now and be ready to grow your business.

AGILE! creative management practices and technology, gives the agile marketeer an edge when it comes to satisfying clients needs and ensuring improved revenue management. Not to mention, making use of the array of software and social tools to leverage modern digital technologies in the MiCE industry.

What's Trending 2024, Business is back!

"The rush to return to face-to-face meetings and events was clear in 2023. While signs point to a leveling out of global demand, the overall demand is as strong, if not stronger, than pre-pandemic levels."
|BCD Meetings & Events - October 2023.

2024 Global Meetings & Events Forecast

"Our forecast indicates that 2024 will be a dynamic year – not only are budgets and attendee numbers rising, but we’re also seeing technology adoption accelerating dramatically." International and customer meetings are expected to propel growth for the Golbal Events Indusrty in 2024, according to Amex GBT Meeting & Events Forecast 2024.
|American Express - October 2023.

Meeting Expectations: The Future of Meetings and Events

"Together, we will shape a future where every meeting and event is a catalyst for progress, a source of inspiration and a place for belonging."
|Accor - October 2023.

GDPR Data by RGA
We have served the MiCE Industry for over thirty years. Our team fully salaried and measures their service in years, not months. Each team member is a fully trained telephone research professional. Everyone has to comply with GDPR and the PECR, but we think direct marketing in the 21st Century should always be consistent with the culture of security and privacy.

Have you adjusted to the new data environment? As one of the UK's leading data - direct mail - telemarketing providers to the Business Meetings & Hospitality Industry, RGA will help you thrive in the new GDPR landscape. Much has changed, but, it may well result in creating an opportunity to communicate and connect more closely with "genuine" potential and established clients. Download Details or call +44 (0)845 605 2303


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