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Who we are at RGA


From its beginnings as RGA Directions in 1990 to today, RGA has been the UK's leading data supplier, telemarketing & mailshot despatch centre to the UK's Meetings, Events & Hospitality Industry.


Registered Office: 85 Great Portland street, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT

EMAIL: online(at)rgaukltd.co.uk

Gwyneth Gibbons, MITT

Gwyneth's career has specialised in travel & tourism. She worked in management positions with Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool, and Holiday Inn, Athens, as well as serving as a flight attendant for Saudia Airlines. In 1984, she and two other directors started Independent Coach Travel (ICT) - now the UK's leading coach tour wholesaler. In 1990, Gwyneth launched RGA Directions which has grown in to RGA UK LTD.


Gwyneth_Gibbons_ranked_among_top_100_industry_leaders More than 3,700 Event Magazine readers voted for their industry "top 100", and RGA Managing Director Gwyneth Gibbons was pleased to have been voted into this select group. "I believe that the M.I.C.E industry has always been a highly competitive marketplace. I remain positive that there are opportunities out there for those who can target and reach prospects in an intelligent, cost-effective manner."

Raymond Gibbons B.A., B.Sc., M.A.

Raymond_Gibbons_rga_financial_director Ray is an ex-banker, having gone through the management training programme of Chemical Bank (Now J.P. Morgan Chase) in New York. He later served as a main board director of Regency Cruises and has been a project manager for hotels and passenger shipping companies in the United States and Europe. Ray is a recognised expert in the study and development of tourism projects.

We have served the MiCE Industry for over thirty years. Our team are fully salaried and measure their service in years, not months. Each team member is a fully trained telephone research professional.

Everyone has to comply with GDPR and the PECR, but we think direct marketing in the 21st Century should always be consistent with the culture of security and privacy.

We deliver more than the market expects - we deliver the quality our clients deserve. Where others say they conduct research and verify data, you can be confident that is exactly what we do.

RGA conduct research according to high standards of: Honesty - Rigour - Transparency and open communication - Care and respect for all participants and subjects of research.

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