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Data Management Lab by RGA
by RGA

Sales & Client Identification Lab

Source missing data from social media / LinkedIn. Review your CRM data or RGA data to identify real potential clients and create more effective sales and marketing campaigns.

A key strategy to managing budgets and improving revenue streams!

  • Rapid to deploy
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Refresh data, a requirement of GDPR
  • Research missing contact data from LinkedIn/social media profiles
  • Identifies high-value buyers, audiences, and influencers
  • Professional research teams representing your brand with honesty and integrity
  • Specialists in MiCE & Hospitality industry
  • DataLab give your sales team quality leads to focus on closing sales

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Campaigns Targeting M&E Planners in Your Catchment Area

personalised data packages below (10% discount online sales)
+ one personalised email created and despatched by RGA:

London 3000 contacts @ £620 - Northern 2000 contacts @ £410
Midlands 2000 contacts @ £410 - Southern 2000 Contacts @ £410


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