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Data Management Lab by RGA
by RGA

Data Research,
Analytics & Sales Management Lab

Source missing data from social media and LinkedIn, analyse your CRM data or RGA data to identify key buyers. So, creating a more effective sales and marketing campaigns by targeting real potential clients, a key strategy to managing budgets and improving revenue streams!

  • Rapid to deploy
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Refresh data, a requirement of GDPR
  • Research missing contact data from LinkedIn/social media profiles
  • Identifies high-value buyers, audiences, and influencers
  • Professional research teams representing your organisation with honesty and integrity
  • Specialists in MiCE & Hospitality industry
  • DataLab give your sales team quality leads to focus on closing sales

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Tailored Campaigns that Target Your Local Companies

Specially prepared event buyers data, TOGETHER WITH, RGA customised email despatch offer an effective strategy to expand your local client network.

OFFER: UK MiCE Buyers "local" Data include one RGA customised email despatch

available until 31/12/2023 - prices + VAT
online payment 10% discount
  • London 3000 - £620
  • Northern 2000 - £410
  • Midlands 2000 - £410
  • Southern 2000 - £410

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