Direct Marketing - A Cost-Effective Means of Reaching Your Market

Building A Robust Client Database

Using our contact lists, or your organisation's own database, RGA will organise mailshots and brochure despatch on your behalf, nationally or internationally; or we can reach potential clients with high impact email shots. Once the database has been created the information may be segmented and developed to provide a uniquely tailored service for each identified segment.

Managing Your CRM Database

While it is important to build a good database, it is equally important to maintain the data you have invested so much to acquire. It can cost up to five times as much to obtain a new customer as keeping an existing one. As soon as customers have been acquired, their details and purchase behaviour should be carefully recorded. You can outsource CRM / data management to RGA or we can train your team and support them in managing an in-house database. RGA provide telemarketing centre support for database cleaning, client prospecting and lead generation or to follow up mail shots with prospecting calls.
RGA can help you comply with regulations and standards on Direct mail, Telemarketing, E-marketing: If your business uses direct mail, telemarketing or e-marketing, there are codes of practice and regulations governing the use of these techniques for selling to individuals and, in some cases, to businesses. Some regulations or standards include:
  • The Mail Preference Service may be registered with to ensure consumers do not receive unsolicited marketing materials. While it is not a legal requirement to ensure that you do not mail such individuals, the Direct Marketing Associationís Code of Practice and the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion administered by the Advertising Standards Authority require such compliance.
  • Telephone and Fax Preference Services cover unsolicited telephone and fax communications. While it is illegal to telephone or fax individuals or businesses* that have registered with these services. organisations & businesses are still able call for the purposes of market research. As a practical matter not many medium & large companies / organisations register with Corporate TPS as it may well prevent them receiving relevant and worthwhile information. For instance charities find telemarketing to be an economical way to raise awareness and much needed support.
  • The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations cover unsolicited email (in addition to telephone and fax). It is illegal to send unsolicted email to Individual Subscribers (except in certain, specified circumstances) without their prior consent. Individual subscribers in this context include sole-trader businesses. Corporate Subscribers the rule on email does not apply to emails sent to organisations except that you must still identify yourself, supply an address and an option to unsubscribe.
DIRECT MAIL: Direct mail is still the most direct and most easily measurable way to elicit response from your target audience and create new business. RGA has been an authorised Royal Mail despatch centre for over 20 years and leading meeting industry venues and destinations use us to despatch from as few as several hundred postcards to as many as 50,000+ brochures both nationally within the UK and internationally worldwide.
E-MAIL: RGA are at the leading edge of e-marketing for the corporate meetings & events industry. Our e-mail broadcasts provide a low-cost, high-impact means of delivering your message directly to buyers of meeting, conference and event services.
TELEMARKETING: From data cleaning to new business development, RGA's telemarketing teams update old contact data, identify potential clients, follow-up mailshot campaigns, conduct market research interviews and research delegates and conference attendees.